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High-Quality Metal Buildings in Baton Rouge

The pole barn cost will have you wanting to build a building before you know it. Call our barn builders today to find out what it will take to build yours.

Metal Buildings Baton Rouge

A simple way to solve your problem of not having enough storage space or space to work on your hobbies is to build one of our Baton Rouge metal buildings. Metal Buildings Baton Rouge builds everything from metal garages to a pole barn with living quarters.

We welcome you to the well- rounded company that we are and strive with great efforts to maintain.

About Metal Buildings Baton Rouge

Every farmer has different features they want their barn to have. Because of this, our metal barn builders do a fabulous job listening to the customer and creating a design based on their needs.

During the building process, if you change your mind about something before we install it, we are happy to sit down with you. We discuss the option with you on what you want to change. We are open-minded.

We know that sometimes your ideas change and we are understanding about that. We have breakthrough technology related to ideas and designs. We seek out and use the best materials.

We have strong values as a company. These values have paved our way to expand and strengthen our business throughout the community. We are always establishing new standards of excellence throughout the years.

We design buildings that are one of a kind. Our goal is to always create buildings that are unique and personal to our customers. We have only the best builders work with us.

They are the most reliable and professional builders around. It is our goal to stay grounded as a company. It is also our goal to always have a focus on creating an experience that is the best for our customers.

Why Go With Metal Buildings Baton Rouge?

We have been in business for so many years now. Our customers love the amount of information we give them. We have so much knowledge in the modern trends and design options for your layout.

We fill you with confidence in us as your builders because we:

  • We cover all the bases with building
  • We have our license and insurance
  • We are bonded
  • We add facts that help to add interesting thoughts to your process of thinking
  • We will give you great interior design ideas to create an open living space

With the experience that we have in architectural styles and designs, we can help your creative thoughts take flight. This will create a space and building that you love and cherish.

We take the initiative to ensure that your vision can come to life. Our customers choose to use us as your builder because we showcase your creativity in what you want. We will teach you along the way so that your understanding can grow as well.

Call us today to get your free planning and building consultation set up with us. We will book your appointment at a time that best meets your needs. Call us today to get your appointment set in your schedule.

Our customers love our:

Ability to get their building up quickly

The technology we have so they can see what their building will look like beforehand

The knowledge we have on each type of building and material

The reviews we have that prove our credibility

What To Expect

Have you been spending a lot of time researching “pole buildings near me”? You will find everything you need here. We have the best team for answering questionings and clarifying confusions.

We help walk you through the cost calculation for what your pole building will cost you. That is where many people are hesitant to begin building. They do not know what exactly it will cost them.

baton rouge pole buildings & metal buildings

They also do not know what the process looks like and have fears about it. We take away all these worries by explaining to you the process. You are not left in the dark. You have an understanding throughout the entire building process about what is going on.

Our customers value this information we give them. They appreciate the way that we are open and upfront about all the costs. You know every penny you will spend before we even begin the site prep on your property.

After you call us or fill out our form to show your interest in building a building with us we will contact you. We will come to you to get an idea of what we are working with. We can take any measurements we need before writing out your estimate.

Our Services

At Metal Buildings Baton Rouge we offer every different kind of building. There is one reason we offer so many types of pole buildings. This is because we have the knowledge that every customer has different needs. Our shop builders meet these needs with a barn pole house, pole barn garage, or by helping our customers choose met building kits Baton Rouge.

baton rouge residential pole barn

Residential Pole Buildings

Pole building homes are one of the best ideas when it comes to building a new home. They cost you only a small percentage of what it would cost you to build a traditional type of home. Some people think there are only pole building kits that come in a certain layout and design. This is not true. You can make your pole barn custom to create whatever look and layout you want for your home.

baton rouge metal buildings

Commercial Pole Buildings

These buildings are great for your company or business. Because no matter the size of these buildings they have great structural integrity. Once you find the “shop builders near me” that can build you one of these, it will be sure to last you for many years. You can choose the number of windows that would be best for your building as well as entrances and garage doors.

baton rouge shop builders

Garages, Shops, And Barns

We offer shops and barns with mono-sloping roofs. These types of roofs are great for natural ventilation. This makes great use of your space by providing shade in the summer and sun in the winter colder months. We have dual-sloping roofs to get the same features while also providing protection from any extreme weather. We have great doors for barns, shops, and garages that are quality.

baton rouge metal carports

Metal Carports

Carports can come in many forms. They can fit one to four cars depending on the size you want. They can also have coverings on no sides, one side, or all sides. You can choose the type of roof also if you would like it slanted or not. You get to choose the coloring of your carport as well.

baton rouge shop with living quarters

Shop With Living Quarters

If you do not know where to start, there are thousands of ideas and inspiration pictures. You can see all the different types of steel buildings Baton Rouge that are shops with living quarters combined. Our Baton Rouge shop builders do a great job at making your shop have a great curb appeal. The living quarters are very functional and practical in a shop home.

baton rouge pole barn homes

Pole Barn Homes

We can build these types of homes very fast. They have a structure that is on a post system which means they have a very open floor plan. If you are willing and would like to invest in more technology you can benefit from that. Our contractors for Baton Rouge metal buildings can make your home look beautifully modern. The flexibility is great with these homes because the type of land you build on is not a big deal.

baton rouge barndominium

Barndominiums/ Shomes

If you are looking for metal buildings that you can live in that also have the shop or barn space that you need, then this is your building. The way pole building contractors construct these steel buildings makes them reliable structures. You can be both working and not far from your family all at the same time.

baton rouge pole building kits and pole barn kits

DIY Pole Building Kits

Pole barn kits are simple to do yourself even if you are new to the construction world. You do not have to have a foundation for these types of kits. All you need is the posts and strong beams. These act as the foundation as they are so strong and sturdy. These kits come with assembly instructions. You can always call your “pole building contractors near me” that you found if you find yourself needing further instruction.

Contact us today for a free pole building quote!

About Baton Rouge Louisiana

Our population of Baton Rouge is close to 220,200 people. We are a very culturally rich city. Our population is made up of 39% White, 37% Non-Hispanic, 54% Black or African American.

You will find that the most common religion is Christianity. There is also a large Catholic influence as well within the city of Baton Rouge.

Our economy is strong in the industrial petrochemical and medical fields. We also are big in different types of research and motion picture.

We are lucky to have mild winters and summers that are nice and hot. We also get to experience a good amount of rainfall throughout the year.

Cities that are close to us here in Baton Rouge:

  • Zachary, LA
  • Baker, LA
  • Greenwell Springs, LA
  • Addis, LA
  • Port Allen, LA
  • Brusly, LA
  • Saint Gabriel, LA
  • Grosse Tete, LA
  • Erwinville, LA
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you request a quote and what does it cost?

You will want to contact the “pole barn builders near me” that you find on our website. We will set up a time to meet with you and discuss what you want to build and what features you want to include. From there we will create a quote for your project and get it to you shortly after.

Will your shop builders Baton Rouge do the site leveling for us?

At Metal Buildings Baton Rouge our pole barn builders Baton Rouge can prep your site for you. If you get a DIY kit then you will need to make sure that your site is all prepped before your kit can be dropped off to you. If you are having us build, we can do the site prep for you. This will include taking away any large objects from the property as well as leveling out space for your building.

What do your pole buildings prices look like?

To give you an exact pole building cost would be impossible without sitting down and talking with you about what you want. The price can range from a couple of thousand dollars to more than one hundred thousand dollars. You may want to add features that will make a big difference to the cost as well.

If we want to build more than one building, can we get a discount?

We love returning customers or customers who are eager to build many buildings with us. We are happy to work with you to get a fair price on your pole barns Baton Rouge. Talk with your contractor about what type of pole buildings Baton Rouge prices we can offer for you as you build many buildings with us.

Customer Testimonials

We could never go anywhere else for building. We have been so happy with the price. We wouldn’t change anything.

Trenton L.

We had so many options when it came to colors and styles for our barn. We loved being able to choose between so many options. Our pole barn builders were very patient with us on deciding.

Browdy T.

The builders here have a great knowledge of the different feature options for a pole barn with loft. They answered our questions with great clarity.

Suzanna K.

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